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Winnidad Farms – United Kingdom

Winnidad Farms operates a beef finishing unit in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.
The unit has capacity for 1,500 head and is currently contract finishing Angus calves.
When the calves arrive on farm they are weighed, health checked, vaccinated and put into a pen with fresh straw. They are fed a ration formulated by a nutritionist twice per day. Our team closely monitors stock to ensure they are healthy and adapting to their new environment.
Winnidad Farms in the UK is a sustainable beef production business. For example, we:
  • Feed food bi-products (such as potato chips and brewers grains) that would otherwise become waste
  • Sell muck from our cattle pens to a local anerobic digestor plant to generate green energy
  • Finish our calves on average 5 months earlier than the UK average (which means substantially less feed consumed and less methane emitted)
  • Spread muck on local arable farms to increase soil carbon and reduce soil erosion and nitrate leaching – a green alternative to synthetic fertilizers
  • Utilise best in class technologies in order to accurately monitor stock growth and feed distribution
The beef finishing unit is Red Tractor approved (see
Winnidad Farms is managed on a day to day basis by David Nixon and his team. 
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