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Winnidad Pastoral - Australia
Winnidad Pastoral is a progressive sheep and cattle breeding / fattening operation running over 2,200 hectares between Mortlake and Kolora in south western Victoria, Australia. The farm receives annual rainfall of 650 ml.
Winnidad Pastoral currently runs:
  • ​800 Angus cows + calves
  • 11,000 Composite ewes + prime lambs
  • 1,000 Merino wethers
The region is known for its fertile soils and reliable rainfall, which means the improved pastures at Winnidad Pastoral provide excellent grazing for stock with additional fodder coming from lucerne and brassica crops as a part of our annual fodder cropping program.
Winnidad Pastoral has expanded significantly over the past 5 years and has invested materially in improvements in pasture renovation, fencing, laneways, plant & equipment, new sheep handling facilities and efficient yards for cattle.
Winnidad Pastoral is managed on a day to day basis by Heinrich Joyce and his team.
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